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Everyone into position

Your new cylindrical power-house will need to conduct an orchestra of peripheral devices.


Apple has done it again! They’ve turned us...well, inside out. The new Mac Pro is a modern marvel. The design and engineering are enough to set your teeth on edge -- straight up Yoda-style. But now that we’re inside out, where do we put our stuff -- PCI cards, hard drives, AV stuff, Flux Capacitors, silly puddy? On the Deck, baby -- no where else.

Hive engineers and designers set out to solve the problem of the 2 year product cycle with a lifetime product made out of 3mm and 5mm 100% recyclable aluminum. And to make sure what holds it together is aircraft grade alloy tough, we had bicycle industry chain ring bolts manufactured to hold this baby together until the Dinosaurs rule the earth again. least a hundred years.

Everyone into position

Your new cylindrical power-house will need to conduct an orchestra of peripheral devices.


The Deck

• 5000 series aluminum.

• 14.25” wide by 9.5” tall by 9.5” deep

• 9.2 lbs

Adjustable Shelf

• Six possible configurations

The Bolts

• Steel alloy with a Black oxide finish. #10-32 Thread.

Headphone Hanger

• .25" steel tubing. Bolts to the side of the deck.

Q. What is it?

The Mac Pro Deck is a design necessary Mac Pro companion that elegantly accommodates the various peripherals that designers, filmmakers, audio engineers, sound designers, Adobe junkies, architects and any other Mac Pro mo fo's, will need to use in conjunction with their new Apple purchase.

Q. Why do you call it a “lifetime product?”

The Mac Pro Deck is over-engineered like a fine German automobile. Exacting standards ensure that all the parts fit perfectly so there is no warping or bending over time. Though a typical G-Drive desktop hard only weighs roughly 3 pounds, The Mac Pro Deck can hold hundreds of pounds. And, after it’s done it’s duty, it’ll still be a great looking durable shelf, or you can melt it down and make cranks for your new 3D printed mountain bike.

Q. Are multiple colors available?

The Mac Pro companion comes in one beautiful iteration -- natural Aluminum, clear anodized with Black accents. It looks like Apple made it themselves.

Q. What is the finish?

The Mac Pro Deck is finished with a uniform grain and a heavy etch clear anodized plating. The headphone Hanger is painted with a durable black powder coat. The bolts have a black oxide finish.

Q. What is anodizing?

From our friends at Wikipedia: Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The process is called "anodizing" because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrical circuit. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Everyone into position

Your new cylindrical power-house will need to conduct an orchestra of peripheral devices.

Perfect desktop size

How do we know it’s perfect? Math -- Out of an average desktop area of 1800 sq. inches, the 126 sq. inch footprint of the deck provides a perfectly uncluttered factory of creative tools.

19” Rack-Mount Producer Edition

Nice Rack huh? Professionals need beauty too...

Available soon for pre-order

Details, details, details

If the Devil is in the Details, we’ve created a Faustian Feast.

  • Custom Manufactured Bolts

    Inspired by the durable and excellent design of chainring bolts attached to Mountain Bike cranksets the world over.
  • Intentional Seams

    Unhidden and perfectly symmetrical.
  • Machined Holes

    Perfectly sized, spaced, and patterned so the shelf can be adjusted to the best (and most common) peripheral tools out there.
  • Headphone Hanger

    What’s desklife without next level beats?
  • Top Surface

    We’re just preventing metal on metal crime here. A textured pad to accomodate your personal gadgets that says, “we got nothin but love.”

Adjusts to fit your toolset

Six possible shelf configurations provide endless arrangements for your little computing factory.



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